You guys helped us pull together a lot of money last night at Pop Culture. We’re taking this and what ever else we can raise next Saturday and will be sending it to Marcus and his family with our best wishes. Thanks so much to everyone that came out, and especially to the bands, who
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Epic shows are a coming!

Exciting news! Sonic wave beams converted to video on a live TV taping this Friday (1/182013) on KVBR-TV. Soon there after the much awaited EP release at Pop Culture on 2/2/2012. How much better could it be? A new CD this year as well? Playing North by Northeast? Stay tuned….

Rumors of an Alberta Street show

Last Thursday on Alberta Street is epic Portland to its roots. The new group called “The Flu” started up a tradition of having their practices live on the street. They sounded so good we asked to join in on one of their sets. Stay posted for full updates. Thursday, August 30, 2012 6-10 PM Last Thursday, Alberta
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Just so there is no question…

Fan Responsibility FAQ

First in the series of service announcements.

Town and the Writ strongly denies the brewing scandal.

Recent allegations of a scandal involving the band Town and the Writ and the members, Jon, Dan and Jason, have surfaced. A claim of unscrupulous behavior, involving bribing the public with alcoholically enhanced beverages, is misleading. Really, if a beverage of an adult nature should happen to be found in someone’s hand, and they happen to be a fan, and a
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Epic Show @ Ash Street, May 13th 2012

The Mayans are coming! The Mayans are coming! In true epic style, Town and the Writ is putting down the sonic landing strip for our hypercognitive forebearers. Don’t be left out in the cold holding a Gregorian calendar! 9:30     Town and the Writ10:30    Ever So Android11:30    Sleepwalk Kid

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